Handwriting Without Tears for Administrators

Districts choose Handwriting Without Tears because it works for all children.

Handwriting is an important skill. Children with fluent handwriting have more time to think about the content of their writing. Result: communication skills improve, test scores raise.  

Why It Works Research-Based

Handwriting Without Tears uses proven methods from years of innovation and research. The developmentally appropriate instruction and multisensory strategies empower children of all learning styles to master handwriting as an automatic skill.

Developmentally Appropriate

Developmentally appropriate instruction ensures success


Multisensory strategies address all learning styles

Physical Approach

Unique physical approach builds good writing habits

Innovative Letter Order

Innovative letter order simplifies letter formation

Easy to Implement Get Started Quickly!

It’s easy to implement Handwriting Without Tears in your school or district. The curriculum was designed to be cost-effective, efficient, and easy to get started. This allows your educators to get started immediately and continue with ongoing, year-round support.

Measurable Progess

See progress in just 10 minutes a day

Staff Resources

Staff Training & Support year round

Research Based

Teaching strategies based on how children learn best

"Handwriting Without Tears is the only program that is comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, easy to teach, and totally effective.”

Carole S. Principal, OR


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