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Get Set for School for Preschool Administrators

Get your preschoolers ready for kindergarten with Get Set for School.

Get Set for School uses the most relevant research about how young children learn to prepare your youngest learners for Kindergarten. The proven, award-winning strategies are an asset and easy addition to any school or district.

Proven Success in the Classroom

Children who were taught with the Get Set for School curriculum consistently demonstrated mastery of key skills at the end of the Pre-K year.

  • 90% of children scored above average or higher on fine and gross motor skills
  • 80% of children scored above average or higher on readiness and foundation skills
  • 80% of children scored higher above average or higher on vocabulary and verbal ability

Implementation It's Easy!

It’s easy to implement Get Set for School in your school. The program was designed to be flexible and aligns perfectly with other curricula and state-specific Pre-K standards. Educators find it easy to teach from day one.



Flexible enough to fit in any preschool classroom or current curriculum.


Year-round support for educators.

Research Based

Key learning domains and standards infused in every lesson.

“The moment we started using Get Set for School, I saw great positive change in literacy development.”

Annie C., Principal Baldwin Elementary School

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