Welcome to the future of handwriting instruction.

No-prep handwriting instruction with HITT.

What’s included:

  • New teaching tool for any interactive whiteboard or other whiteboard with a projector
  • Includes digital workbook and full teacher’s guide
  • Multimedia options for teaching for each lesson: digital letter and number formations, fun animations, music, instructional videos
  • Engaging cross-curricular lesson connections, supplemental activities, and free downloads
  • No-prep classroom instruction; lessons start where you ended
  • User-friendly platform makes teaching easy
  • Variety of choices for each workbook page engages different learning styles in the classroom
  • Very affordable when purchasing a classroom set of workbooks

Take a sneak peek below of some of the exclusive animated videos in HITT!

A one-stop, digital teaching platform for presenting handwriting lessons using resources available directly from the electronic student workbook.
Manage all of your handwriting lessons while reducing prep time with ready-to-teach lessons right from electronic student workbooks.