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4 Ways to Champion Writing Success in Pre-K

Composition writing is prose, using sentences and paragraphs to communicate. Children write compositions for different purposes: to express opinions, give information or tell a story. Students who have strong composition writing abilities are confident communicators.


But how do young students prepare for the demands of composition writing? Years before children write, they’re developing social communication and literacy and language skills. Writing readiness and handwriting instruction is critical to the production of creative and well-written text affecting both fluency and the quality of composition (Graham & Harris, 2005).


To champion composition writing success, use these four helpful ways to further develop foundational cognitive and handwriting skills.


  1. Teach language concepts and social skills with the Sound Around Box™, which uses multisensory play such as rhymes, word hunts, and memory games to boost letter recognition.
  2. Use Mat Man™ to maximize learning and teach students how to draw a person, supporting school readiness, cognitive ability, body awareness, and pre-writing capabilities.
  3. Develop social emotional skills by incorporating activities that focus on sharing and taking turns.
  4. Use our songs and music albums to build cognitive skills such as thinking, counting, and reading.

Get Set for School develops the cognitive and handwriting skills that young learners need for future writing success.


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Music develops more than just cognitive skills! Incorporate music into your lessons to reinforce social, language, memory, and coordination skills too!